Welcome to Gillette's Maple Syrup Products and farm. We are Guy and Wendy Gillette and family. Here's a little background about us.

First, Sugaring and our kids.
During maple syrup (sugaring) season, our son Jacob is Guy's right-hand man. We also have two daughters, Samantha and Katelyn, and Kate has her own family. All three of our children grew up helping their dad make maple syrup. They truly have a love for the business and are our biggest source of encouragement. Which is now being shared with our grandchildren.

Now about Guy.

Guy has an unending drive for excellence.
He strives to make the best, natural products.
Maple syrup production and farming is Guy’s lifelong dream, which he’s been working towards since he was a little boy. Starting from the time he was around seven, he used his little red wagon to gather sap from the neighboring trees. He labored on dairy farms starting at a very young age, which allowed him to make maple syrup in the spring and do the work he loved. As he grew older, he continued to make maple syrup and farm for other people. From there, he went into a long career in excavation.
Many years have passed since that little boy was seen pulling his little red wagon down the road. Since then Guy received an award from NY State Maple Producers Association for "Outstanding Young Sugar Maker" in 1998. And in 2020, his dream of owning his own farm finally came true.

Now you can find Guy and I on the farm together.
Guy has built a state-of-the-art sugar house on our 446 acre property, where we produce our maple crop, we raise beef cattle and grow other crops. I work alongside Guy in raising the cattle, working the retail side of the syrup business and bookkeeping. We are committed to continuing to grow and develop in producing the highest-quality maple syrup products and beef.

~ Guy Gillette and Family


747 County Road 23, Sherburne, NY 13460
Wendy's Ph: 607.244.9443 | Guy's Ph: 607.316.9091

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